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The 5 most wanted plugins

POP3Notifier 0.3.3   votes
Jan/07/2010, 527 KB, 334409 hits
by Michel Krämer

POP3Notifier frequently checks your e-mail accounts for new messages and shows a small notification… [more]

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A Blacklist Filter   votes
Apr/17/2007, 343 KB, 331669 hits
by Mark Edwards

Obsolete! Does not work with latest version of Spamihilator! Blacklist Filter eliminates loads of… [more]

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Addressee Filter   votes
Mar/13/2006, 76 KB, 304117 hits
by Carolyn Scheppner

Quickly filters out mails that are not addressed To or Cc’d to one of your correct email addresses…. [more]

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AlphabetSoup Filter 1.0   votes
Sep/17/2003, 68 KB, 239473 hits
by Boris Kugelmeier

This plugin filters emails containig useless chains of characters. [more]

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0190-Filter   votes
Dec/17/2003, 69 KB, 175249 hits
by Sebastian Laiblin

Filters mails containing “0190″-numbers (very expensive numbers often used by spammers to make cash) [more]

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